Who's with us?

Why Savonlinna and the Saimaa Phenomenon?

The enchanting city of Savonlinna is the candidate for European Capital of Culture (ECoC) 2026 among the provinces of eastern Finland (North and South Savonia, North and South Karelia), and their respective central cities: Kuopio, Mikkeli, Joensuu, and Lappeenranta. Collaboration and ideas for building the network started in earnest in the summer of 2018.

From the time of inception, an important part of the mission has been to encourage everyone to join in - artists, cultural influencers, NGOs, entrepreneurs, summer dwellers, tourists - everyone! First and foremost, Saimaa is a state of mind that everybody can achieve. Saimaa belongs to all of us! 

The area included in the Savonlinna Capital of Culture project is determined by natural boundaries consisting of the Greater Saimaa and Vuoksi watersheds, and characterised by a common history and culture inspired by water.